About Us

Welcome To The Blaine Family!

Our Vision
Engagement, Empowerment, and Excellence

Core Values:
Blaine’s core values will include:

Service- We embrace opportunities to help others. We appreciate and learn about our community and the world in which we live.

Courage- We challenge ourselves to take risks, to persevere and to question the status quo.

Humility- We apologize for our mistakes and seek to improve our shortcomings.

Originality- We embrace our individuality and celebrate the diversity of all others around us.

Leadership- We seize opportunities to lead and always demonstrate strong moral character. We treat others as we wish to be treated.

Achievement- We expect the best of ourselves at all times. We pursue knowledge and excellence.

Reflection- We cherish moments to step back, consider our actions and plan for a better tomorrow.

Emphasizing a “Can Do” Attitude

At Blaine, the language used by teachers and staff will consistently promote a “can do” attitude among students by refraining from negatively phrased statements and using positive ones. Inspirational quotes that will line hallways and classrooms will further emphasize to students that a great education is deserved and attainable and that students will work towards this goal every day.

Team Environment

Blaine recognizes that it can be difficult to reach ambitious goals on your own, so to encourage a team environment; behavior management systems will reflect consistent support of “joining the team.” Faculty and staff will be held to similar standards and operate as a team in support for one another and shared responsibilities for all students.

College-Going Culture

Both the school environment and culture will reflect an expectation to achieve college or career goals. College and university pennants will be present in hallways, classrooms, and common spaces. Homerooms will be named after teacher alma maters, and students will be greeted in the morning according to these schools. Going to college and preparing for future careers will be a part of a regular conversation in school community meetings and individual classroom meetings.

Clear Expectations

Consistent reinforcement of clear expectations, procedures, and rituals and routines will be essential to upholding a successful school culture and climate. Everyone in the school, including students, teachers, and parents, will be held accountable for modeling the appropriate behaviors at all times.

Student expectations will be explicitly taught during the first week of school.  These expectations will be clearly communicated and reinforced throughout the remainder of the year and monitored by school leadership. In order to engage students in ownership of the shared school space, classroom jobs will hold students accountable for specific tasks that create a safe, clean, and organized learning environment.